Deer Antler Spray

The human body is extremely complex. During childhood, there are several hormones and compounds that tell the body to grow and develop. One hormone that is essential to development is the human growth hormone, also known as HGH.

The human growth hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland, signals the body's need to grow. To stimulate growth, HGH tells the liver to begin producing an important compound called insulin-like growth factor-1, or IGF-1. IGF-1 is a protein whose molecular structure is similar to insulin. While HGH tells the body that it needs to grow, IGF-1 is what actually causes growth. To take advantage of this unique protein, scientists and researchers have begun offering it to consumers in deer antler spray.

What Makes Deer Antler Spray So Effective?

The human liver is not the only organ that produces IGF-1. Male deer also produce IGF-1 in the form of a velvet-like substance that grows on their antlers. This antler velvet is what causes the antlers to grow so rapidly. Since its structure is identical to human IGF-1, athletes and bodybuilders can use deer antler spray to increase their endurance, strength and athletic performance as a whole.

Inside the body, IGF-1 stimulates muscle growth, facilitates tissue repair, increases the metabolism, promotes muscle recovery, increases aerobic endurance and enhances immunity. IGF-1 also inhibits protein catabolism and helps the muscles recover faster. Athletes who use deer antler spray not only experience natural muscle growth, but they are also able to increase the intensity of their workouts. This helps athletes enhance their results and build muscle much faster than before.

Is Deer Antler Spray the New HGH?

In the past, athletes solely depended on HGH to improve their strength and endurance. By increasing HGH levels, athletes were actually increasing their IGF-1 levels naturally. However, since IGF-1 has a longer half-life than HGH, using deer antler spray will have longer-lasting effects. It is also important to understand that, while both compounds are very important, IGF-1 directly causes growth.

For the best results, many athletes are even combining IGF-1 with HGH supplements. As a person ages, HGH and IGF-1 levels naturally decrease. Providing the body with more HGH and/or IGF-1 will prevent muscle loss, keep the metabolism running strong and inhibit aging. Many people who use IGF-1 also notice an increase in energy, libido and skin elasticity.

As with most sports supplements, the problem is not finding a deer antler spray. The problem is finding a spray that actually produces results. For a large dose of pure deer antler velvet, many athletes are choosing a spray called AntlerX. AntlerX contains pure velvet from farm-raised New Zealand red deer, which are known to grow the most potent IGF-1. Instead providing a weak dose of IGF-1, AntlerX provides everything the body needs to begin increasing muscle mass, endurance, strength and overall health.

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